Use of graphic design in a publication

Images, layout and presentation of content always make a publication appealing. All these are ingredients of graphic design. There are numerous newspapers, various magazines, books, journals and periodicals available. What makes them stand apart is the designing, layout and their presentation. Words have their own power and appeal, but one cannot deny the fact that the typography, images and a proper layout make a publication appealing.

A daily newspaper and magazine would be boring if there were no images and proper layout. The graphic design helps in giving layout, editing of the images and graphics, using appropriate text fonts, making a colour combination of a page, formatting of the text, etc.

The role of a graphic designer in a print media is to make use of an appropriate method that ensures the words and images in any publication looks perfect. A graphic designer uses software in print media. For example, he can use software such as Adobe Photoshop for image editing, Adobe PageMaker and QuarkXPress for page layout, using Adobe Illustrator and CorelDraw for making illustrations and logosas well as using other software also. With the help of such software, graphic designs come into existence in any publication.

Using appropriate charts, illustrations, graphs in a research paper can also make that paper appealing. Visual representation of data helps reader in understanding what the writer wants to say. One cannot deny from the fact that the print media needs graphic design and text alone cannot make a reader interested.

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