It is not uncommon to find manuscripts getting rejected when sent for publication.  Even though it is an unpleasant occurrence for an author, almost all authors face it at least once in their publication career. The various responses by a journal can be:

  • Manuscript provisionally accepted; minor corrections needed
  • Manuscript provisionally accepted; major corrections needed
  • Manuscript rejected, but journal will consider re- submission after major corrections
  • Manuscript rejected

Our Dissertation Rejection Handling service caters to the needs of those authors who have faced rejection in all the above situations. We at first assess the comments of the peer reviewers or journal editors regarding the content of the manuscript. Accordingly, we define the scope of editing required. If you need only minor changes, the editors incorporate the specified changes in accordance with the comments.

 Type of response

 Reasons for rejection

 response  reasons_for_rejection


In case substantial improvement is needed, we recommend several rounds of editing. Changes are made for resubmission to match the format, referencing style and language with the targeted journal’s specifications. We also assess the number and quality of references used to ensure that they are suitable. If your manuscript is rejected completely, then also we make considerable changes to enhance its quality and suggest other publications that will be appropriate for your work.

Regular interaction with the author helps in taking care of the minute details and getting feedback. also offers a certificate of editing.