A lot of publishing houses and journals have several measures to maintain quality control. Peer Review is one of these techniques adopted by them. Often these reviews give positive suggestions to the author to enhance the quality of his manuscript. However, sometimes these reviews have a detrimental impact on the career of the author.

Before the manuscript of the author goes for peer review in the journal, the team of expert reviewers, at, peer review it as a pre submission service. An expert from the field of study being taken by the author reviews the paper thoroughly. It is done with the futuristic vision and from the perspective of the peer reviewers of the journal. The recommendations offered certainly augment the chances of acceptance of the manuscript for publication.

The Peer Reviewer at

In the organisation, it is ensured that only experienced and appropriately qualified peer reviewers are involved for the purpose. The reviewers are chosen from reputed professional organisation. is a member to many such professional organisations and has a dedicated list of peer reviewers available for dissertation peer review services. All the peer reviewers have to fulfil the minimum criterion of:

  • Holding a doctorate(PhD) degree
  • Being¬† seasoned author with a list of reputed publications
  • Has updated and contemporary knowledge in the specialised field

Areas in which the peer reviewer would offer help:

  • Quality of content and research
  • Manuscript Development and flow of content
  • Journal Suitability and suggestions
  • Further directions for the Author