Must have qualities for essays written for admission

Securing the best GPA scores is no longer sufficient to ensure an admission in the college of your choice. Most top colleges offering professional courses require the prospective students to submit an admission essay along with other credentials. This essay serves as the first impression of the candidate to the college authorities. Several well deserving students can fail to be admitted into their desired college due to shoddily written essays. However, writing essays for admission is not as difficult as it is meant to be if you know what exactly the college is looking out for in these write-ups. Here are a few pointers that will guide you about thing to avoid and to include in your admission essay.

• Stay focused and to the point: Each college receives a thousand or more applications each year. The scrutinizing committee is perpetually over booked and has least amount of patience to read long drawn essays that beat around the bush. The essay should ideally be just one page long and broken into convenient paragraphs, which each paragraph talking about a new aspect of your personality that helps convince the college about your credentials.

• Drama does not work: Sob stories and emotional sagas can probably get you a slot with Oprah Winfrey but reduce your chances of securing a seat in the college of your choice. Admission authorities are quite objective in what they expect from the future students and are rarely moved by such stories. Candidates with overly dramatic essays are viewed as people who cannot deal with their personal pitfalls and are usually the first ones to be rejected.

• Highlight your uniqueness: Give a reason to the college authorities for admitting you to the course. Ride on the unique qualities that set you apart and ahead of others. Soft skills like hardworking, honest, and attentive are over abused terms. Promote qualities that are required for excelling in the career of your choice. You need to convince the college that your personality is in line with what is expected of the profession. At this point, it is a good idea to include your future plans to showcase your thought process to the college authorities.

• Error free confident language: The acceptance essay is a window to the academic and personal qualities of the applicant. A shoddily written essay with spelling errors, wrong grammar, and/or typographical errors highlights incompetence and lack of eye for detail. Remember to proof read before submitting the essay.

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