Requests for refund of money paid to Editor Pages will be considered as per the following conditions:

100% repayment If you have erroneously paid more than you are supposed to, then we will transfer 100% of the excess amount. Such request must be made before the project is completed and delivered.
In case a suitable editor for the domain in which you have your project is not available immediately, we will make refund 100% money paid as per our quote.
90% repayment In case the request for cancellation is made within 2 days of order confirmation and payment. We incur some cost on accepting orders and operating payment gateways; hence, we cannot make 100% repayment.
50% repayment In case you make the request within 3-4 days of order confirmation and payment. An editor is allotted within 2-3 days of finalizing an order, and an advance payment is made for the project. Hence, we deduct 50% of the sum.
0% repayment If you make a request after 4 days of placing the order, no refunds are possible.
You cannot claim any refund in case the content needs improvement. You can ask us for revision, which will be provided as per our terms of use.