manuscript editing

Getting a scientific or research manuscript published isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. The Editor Pages has an eminent group of spearheaded editors and proofreaders, qualified with masters and PhD degrees. Our editors can help you with all the manuscript editing needed to get your research paper accepted by prestigious journals.

What we do
Our diverse committee of editors who have expertise in various technical backgrounds, rectify all grammatical errors and scientific terminologies. We help building your research paper error free and capable of publishing in renowned international journals. Our editors being PhD scholars and post graduate experts, will guide you throughout the manuscript editing and make your work clear and concise. Your project will be assigned to editors who have expertise in the required field, who will provide comments to enhance clarity.
We edit a wide array of academic documents including research proposals, literature reviews, abstracts and case studies. Our editors have a sound knowledge of their field of expertise. From basic grammar checks to making a document plagiarism proof, perfect editing is carried out in every stage.

Focus areas of our editing service:

  • Manuscript restructuring
    As per the journal guidelines our editors restructure your manuscripts flawless. Since every national and international journal has its own criteriation for acceptance, our expert editing committee serves all the prerequisites for publishing.\
  • Resolving ambiguous language issues
    Any issues regarding the language usage in terms of dialects, jargons and lingos will be resolved by our editors who are both native and non- native English speakers. Editing colloquial language used in the manuscript will be our top priority.
  • Grammar and punctuation checks
    Article usage, Subject-verb agreement, tenses, prepositions, pronouns and determiners, adverbs and adjectives, relative clauses will be checked and crosschecked by our grammar Nazis. Placing comma, colon/semicolon, quotation marks and apostrophes in right context.
  • Technical accuracy
    Using the right technical word choice and subject-specific nomenclature falls under our manuscript editing service. Our editors use appropriate units of measurement, symbols, and variables.
  • Manuscript formatting
    As per the Journal guidelines and instructions editing is done in accordance with writing style guides (APA, MLA, and CMOS). The logical flow of the document is also verified. Any rearrangement, expansion, or summarizing of sections that’s needed is edited. Logical flow between sentences and paragraphs is ensured.
  • Consistency and content enhancement
    Consistent citation style, end-list reference style and cross-referencing between main text and end list is a crucial stage of editing and we do it with utmost perfection. Checking if content is simple and effective and eliminating content redundancy will be carried out. Our editors verify gaps and improve the content also ensuring clear unambiguous statements.