Academic authors should aim at journals with high impact factor for publishing their research papers. The impact factor of a journal reflects its relative significance in the field and is related to the number of citations that the articles published in the journal have received.

When your paper or article gets published in a journal with high impact factor, then it is sure to get noticed by peers and appreciated by the research fraternity. Also, since such journals are read by a large base of research scholars, your work enjoys a high probability of being cited in other research reports.

However, achieving this feat is easier said than done. You need to meet the standards of the journals and match the expectations of the editorial board. If your paper is less than perfect, then we will help you revise and improve it to raise its quality. After being edited by our expert team members, the value of your paper is assured to be many notches higher. Also, our peer review service provides a cushion for you by providing the feedback which you would otherwise have received from the publication house. Based on this feedback, you can certainly improve your manuscript.

You can view the complete list of impact factor journals here and choose the one that you wish to target.

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