When you aspire to get your research paper published in an international journal, you must know the style that it follows in terms of format and referencing. There is always a specified format given by journals of repute. The purpose is to maintain uniformity in content. The Style Check Service offered at Editorpages.com strictly follows the style prescribed by the targeted journal and maintains it throughout the paper.

Style Check service is particularly useful for authors who have a paucity of time and cannot devote time towards reading and understanding of detailed instructions. It is also useful for those authors who wish to send their paper to another journal.

Services offered under Style Check:

  • Consideration of journal requirements
  • Sequencing of the content and sections of the manuscript
  • Formatting as per the specified format
  • Application of appropriate template
  • Check and correct References and citation
  • Notations and conventions

Editorpages.com’s Style Check does not include:

  • Decreasing the length of the content
  • Ensuring ethical requisitions of the journal are met by the experiments incorporated in the manuscript
  • Checking the coherence between the policy considerations of the journal and the manuscript
  • Matching the requirements of the art work by the journal and what is there in the manuscript

Even if you have taken editing service for the research paper, it still pays to opt for the Style Check Service, since copy editing does not include all formatting changes that are essential to get your paper published. Contact us with your requirements, now.