Importance of Publishing for a journal

A research journal is very engaging and tiring task. It take a considerable amount of a research scholars time to write a thesis. The research scholars go through a long process of selecting a topic, then working in detail on the research topic and attempting apt research methodology. They also have to stick to the various university guidelines that the university and the guide expects from their thesis. In the end they also have to prepare for thesis defense. The research scholars go through all this effort so that they can have their dissertation thesis approved for consideration in PhD.

An academic paper is also considered for publication if it meets the highest standards. The adviser plays an important role to help a research scholar to get the thesis published. There can be many reasons why a scholar want to get their thesis published. Academic recognition being one of the most important consideration but some scholars also attempt getting their thesis published so that they can educate the public, promote their research, make money out of their thesis and make it count towards their tenure.

A PhD thesis which is published also helps the scholars to gain an edge on their curriculum vitae. The research scholars have to ensure high standards of language , formatting and considerable rework in order to get their PhD published as book.

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  1. Casey

    Earlier even I used to think that it doesn’t have much importance and only people who have more interest in studies go for it. But after going through these links my perspective has changed.


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