How to Write a Good Research Paper

Research papers require a student to identify an area of research related to the course. You should begin by doing some general reading in the field and consult your professor on the possible directions you are thinking of pursuing.

The goal of the research needs to be decided during the very early stages. At around the same time, think of a title for your research – one that is likely to get the reader interested. A title that is not just scientifically interesting, but something that the reader could apply in his personal life is more likely to draw his attention.

It is important to have a research question. Your research paper will attempt to answer this question. Research questions are essential as they require the author to make an argument. These questions are the starting point for writing research papers.

Also remember that real research demands the use of primary sources. Do not rely on secondary sources at all times. Primary sources will take you as close as possible to where the real action is. Do not be lazy to perform a real research. If your professor sees your contribution to research, your results will certainly improve! These primary sources will provide the real first-hand facts that will help you in answering your research question. Your next job is to weave together these facts and form an argument that answers your research question. Make sure you present your arguments in a clear and logical manner.

Once you have your research results, you can start to write the basic parts of the research paper – the title page, the introduction, the body and the conclusion. During the writing do not deviate from your thesis statement. Your writing should discuss the statement from different points of view while trying to prove its correctness. At the end, write a well-structured conclusion. The conclusion is supposed to summarise the findings of your research and how your research work can be useful. The sources of information that your research paper used must be accurately and adequately cited in the format prescribed by the conferring university. The writing style must be formal. Include illustrations, like tables and graphs, if they support your analysis. The actual writing is where writing skills come to the fore. If you feel you need help, use the services of websites like Such websites are especially useful for students who do not trust their English Language skills.

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