editorsThe sole purpose of an editor, while examining a manuscript, is to make sure that the work is of impeccable quality and is completely error free. The content is also made worthy of publication. The USP of Editorpages.com is that it has the most experienced and talented editors on board. Not only do they offer the most competitive results, but the prices at Editorpages.com are equally competitive. As a client, the author is given complete information about the professional background of the editor and is made to understand the distinction between a beginner and a veteran editor. Through transparency in dealing with the client, Editorpages.com ensures to build complete trust in the mind of the author and also live up to it commitment of the highest standards of delivery. The talented team of professional editors at Editorpages.com comprises of scientists with strong intellectual insights, who have the bent to apply their experience to the document being edited.

Editorpages.com is completely open about the background of its editors. With a professional perspective, the editors have rich experience in editing manuscripts of both native English as well as ESL authors. The stringent recruitment policy in the organization ensures that only the best editors join on board and have the highest of commitment standards.

The evaluation criteria at Editorpages.com:

  • Each editor is expected to undergo three rounds of evaluation before final selection, namely, Subject Knowledge, Language Proficiency, Ability to Proofread
  • The shortlisted editors take up a stringent 8 weeks training program followed by an evaluation of performance.
  • The selected editors commit to maintain the confidentiality of the client’s document by signing a non-disclosure agreement with the organization.

The editors at Editorpages.com have been associated academically and professionally to the best universities of the world. The team has experts from MIT, Harvard University and University of Oxford. Qualified professionals with proficiency in diverse domains lend strength to the team at Editorpages.com.

Exclusive Skills of Editors at Editorpages.com

  • Native English Speaking Background: All the editors at Editorpages.com have thorough knowledge of English language and are well versed with the expectations of the journals and the challenges faced by the ESL students. With expertise in language, the accuracy in work is higher, and the error rate is minimized. Moreover, the editors are able to understand the minute requirements of the journals and imbibe them accurately in the manuscript.
  • Experience of writing and publication: The editors at Editorpages.com are all seasoned authors and have had publications in renowned journals in their respective filed of expertise. Many of the have also served as peer reviewers on the editorial board of prestigious journals. With this kind of relevant exposure and experience, the possibility of paper acceptance in the targeted journal increases as the editors are well aware of the kind of detailing the specific journal expects.
  • Members of renowned societies and editorial board of reputed journals: The editors on board of Editorpages.com are members of various reputed societies like, Council of Science Editors(CSE), European Association of Science Editors(EASE), American Medical Writers Association(AMWA), European Medical Writers Association (EMWA) and Board of Editors in the Life Sciences(BELS). The training process for these editors is perpetually on so that they keep abreast with the changes in research and publication.

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