Researchers are always under immense pressure, especially in the current times. Authors are often found struggling to submit their papers on time; and, on the other hand, there are stringent conditions by peer reviewers for the papers they accept for publication. The biggest hurdle in research and the publication process is the command on English language. Poor quality of English alters the track of research. It sometimes causes delay in publication and rejection of the papers. The problem is found most often with non-native English speaking authors (ESL authors). offers an all-inclusive solution to the problems of academia through its dissertation editing help. From publication hurdles to challenges of being as ESL author, we at ensure to cover all problem areas through our comprehensive services. Our talented team of editors is well versed with the intricacies of English language. Along with this, they have a thorough knowledge of research and hold expertise in varied study domains. Being PhD graduates, they value quality research and publication. They have the potential to comprehend and enhance the content to suit the requirement of the subject area and the expectations of the intended audience. We ensure quality service in English editing and scientific proofreading of manuscripts to develop the best possible scope for publication in their respective subject area.

Types of Dissertation Editing Services:


The Proofreading services at aid the author in adding precision to the document. It is recommended for manuscripts that are at the final stage of submission and have been edited previously. The emphasis is on :

  • Consistency of the content
  • Prescribed format
  • Style
  • Grammar
  • Punctuation

1374065803_document_editSubstantive Editing

The Substantive Editing service at provides assistance to those researchers who target to publish their work in International English Journals for the first time. It offers help to ESL students too. The emphasis of Substantive editing is on :

  • Grammar correction
  • Syntax
  • Vocabulary
  • Sentence Construction


1374065798_file_editCopy Editing

The Copyediting service at is especially for those researchers who have the exposure and experience in writing but belong to the ESL category of scholars. In Copyediting, the experts focus upon :

  • Content enhancement
  • Language development
  • Structuring
  • Presentation
  • Quality enrichment