Writing a dissertation is a comprehensive exercise and in this process many researches face unpredictable hurdles. These hurdles make the research which is otherwise simple appear as a herculean task. Every step that needs to be followed in this journey must be planned in a structured manner or else the researcher may not be able to reach the destination. Hence, when the journey is long everyone needs an accomplice who can guide them through the rough patches of the way. Our Dissertation Consulting Services are aimed at holding you hand in this journey.

The Consultation comprises of professional guidance which is provided in following areas:

  • Step 1: Topic Consultation – Our competent consultants will help you in choosing a topic which will be unique and less researched so that your contribution seems significant in the area of your interest.
  • Step 2: Concept Paper Writing – After you have chosen an interesting topic for the research work, the ground work for the research needs to be established. The consultant at Editor Pages will guide you in the process of preparing a Concept paper which will provide elaborate details of your dissertation. You will be guided as to what will be relevant to include in the chapters specified by the university.
  • Step 3: Working on Literature Review – This step might seem very tedious to the researchers as conducting review of literature with respect to the topic but our consultants will provide you stepwise guidance in this direction. They will assist you in searching, choosing, briefing, critically evaluating, and conceptualizing the researches and will also counsel you in weaving these pieces into a conceptual framework. In our Dissertation Consulting Services when the review of literature is established, the consultant guides the PhD candidates in defining and formulating problem statement.
  • Step 4: Methodology Help – The research consultant will assist you in understanding the approach which shall be followed in the research work. They will also guide you in finalizing the method of collecting; tools to be used for analyzing the data required for the study. Which approaches shall be used (i.e. either quantitative or qualitative or both) is another area of ambiguity which is handled well by our consultants.
  • Step 5: Discussions of the study – After you have invested complete efforts in the research work, the consultant will guide you in interpreting the findings of the study. This step will help you in writing a comprehensive discussions chapter that will enable you in accepting and rejecting the hypothesis; proposing the future recommendations for the researchers and highlighting the contribution of the research in field of academia.

The Dissertation Consulting Services at Editor Pages is focused at extending valuable supervision in every aspect of your dissertation. Our Dissertation consultants are a silver lining for those who are looking out for help.