Checklist for Submission of a Manuscript

A writer works very hard on his content. He does a great deal of research, compiles all the data and reaches certain conclusions. All this obviously requires a lot of hard work. That is why before submitting the manuscript it is necessary that the writer do some checks before sending it to the publishing firm.

He should make sure that the title is a catchy one and fits the guidelines that have been laid down by the reviewing institution. The right by-lines should be given that state where the work was done and whom it was done by. The author should do some checks on whether the abstract fits the range as given by the guidelines. The citations should be given a lot of importance. This is because each academic institution has its own views on what kind of academic citation should be used by the authors. If the author is not certain if he has used the correct citation style or not then he should consult with someone who has knowledge on such matters. Importance should be given to the chapters, paragraphs and the headings. The author should ensure that the headings accurately reflect the content given in the chapters.

All unnecessary abbreviations should be eliminated. They only serve to confuse the reader. On the other hand, all important ones should be explained in the most coherent manner possible. When it comes to projects that involve mathematics and statistics it is common for a lot of terminology, symbols and Greek alphabets to be used. These should be defined clearly. There are many people who would not be aware of what all the Greek symbols mean and even if they do, they might not know what the mean in the context of this particular problem. It is hard for the readers to understand mathematical principles unless the definitions are given clearly. It is also essential to have a table explaining all the units of measurements used in the project and if any conversions are made, then the conversion rate should also be given. The author should make sure that the bibliography page is well updated and all the references are given in the best manner possible. If any footnotes have been given then the author should make sure that they are accurate. The table of index should be looked over and the author should make sure that the right page numbers have been given.

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