How Dissertation Editing Can Be an Easy Task

It’s the last thing one would like to think about and it is surely the last thing one would want to do. After months and years of hard work of research on the topic, months of scanning minutely through library … Continued

Tips to Avoid Mistakes While Doing Research

A stitch in time saves nine! This adage goes true while pursuing research. As it is a comprehensive project, one needs to be aware on how to check the number of mistakes which do happen frequently while doing research. We … Continued

Common Mistakes One Commits While Researching

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Practical Approach to Overcome Rejection

When you are out to write a manuscript and have it published, you aspire to hit the nail in the first try; however that is not always the case, a whole lot of people have to face rejection before they … Continued

Different Types Of Editing

Before a piece of write-up is published or submitted for publishing, it has to go through several rounds of editing and proofreading. However, editing and proofreading are two different procedures and cover divergent areas of content polishing. These extensive editing … Continued

How to deal with a rejected manuscript

It can never be easy to deal with a rejection letter from a journal. Most authors are faced with this letter at some point or the other and they have to accept the rejection, make changes and keep trying to … Continued

Does Proofreading Really Help?

A good writer is not only defined by his/her writing skills, but also by the quality of work produced. Whether you are writing a dissertation or a journal paper, it becomes important to review it for all types of linguistic … Continued