The American Psychological Association i.e. APA editing is one cumbersome aspect of the dissertation which when overlooked can become Murphy’s Law. The Ph.D. candidates experience challenges in APA Editing guidelines because of their lack of knowledge regarding the rules and guidelines. Thus, APA editing becomes a catch 22 situation for Ph.D. aspirants. A research was conducted in 2012, which stated that 86.3% of all papers that were submitted either did not have a running head or it was formatted incorrectly. Further, eighty-four percent of all papers had problems with in-text citations. These issues are just the glimpses of why the research papers, dissertations and thesis get rejected. To further add to the dismay of the aspirants: incorrect use of numbers, hyphenation, serial comma, capitalization and punctuations and improperly prepared tables and figures were some more aspects which topped the charts APA editing errors.

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At Editor Pages, we aim to hold hand of the Ph.D. pursuing candidates who constantly struggle to understand those guidelines which are considered as both strict and vague. The APA Dissertation Editing Services let implements the knowledge of our adroit APA editors to match the level of your expectations and the guidelines which are mentioned by your university.

Editing Help extended by APA Editors

Our APA Dissertation Editing Services can provide you best experience of a worthy dissertation which will gain appreciation for you. The aspects which we cater to in our APA Editing Services are as mentioned below:

  • APA document formatting (Format page numbers, page margins and preliminary pages)
  • Formatting of Citations
  • Checking grammar and style of sentences (i.e. introductory and transitory sentences)
  • Formatting the appendixes/appendices, tables, and figures in proper order and ensure that they are referred correctly in the text
  • Reference checks and their formatting (inclusive of checking the ABC order and other ordering rules and Edit references section according to APA guidelines)

The qualified APA Editors can make your work hassle free by introducing changes which you might ignore inadvertently. So make sure that no stone is left unturned in making your dissertation a masterpiece. To experience the tranquility of life while pursuing Ph.D. enquire for the best quote