Editor Pages is a unit of ELK Education Consultants Pvt. Ltd, the premier education consultancy, trusted by hundreds of scholars. Editor Pages is dedicated to editing, reviewing, formatting and designing of research papers to make them fit for publication in the leading academic journals. We realize the difficulty that scholars face when they wish to get their papers published since they are not aware of all the technicalities that they need to go through and the perfect format which the publishers expect. We are always by their side.

Editor Pages has a team of experienced editors, who have worked with students in the best known universities. Some of our editors have also been associated with journal publication houses. They all have a certain degree of subject matter expertise, which we consider utmost important for an academic editor. We are expanding our team to meet the demand of scholars for editors with the required skills.

We have developed our processes over time to make them seamless for authors who wish to avail our services. All one needs to do, to get a dedicated editor or reviewer, is send us an online request for an instant quote and confirm the order through payment of the initial fee. Our clients admire the way we function and trust us because of the transparency in our dealings. We offer a guarantee for timely delivery of error free work, prompt service response and high editing quality. We also have a money refund policy, although we never had to use it, as all our clients are pleased with our work.

Our range of services has also widened over time and now we cover the entire spectrum of assistance that an academic author might need. We also edit and review PhD dissertations and master’s theses for scholars, helping them to get outstanding scores. Our unique services for graphic designing of pages and rejection editing have been immensely useful for authors. We do not rest on our laurels, but try to improve every day. If you have any suggestion, or query, send us a mail at info@editorpages.com.